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Arcady Fixon, Caviar Kaspia founder


Arcady Fixon, Caviar Kaspia founder, had no other option than to leave his mother land after the Bolshevic Revolution. At this time all aristocrats and White Russians became “refugees” and started new lives in the west. Arcady Fixon as many White Russians chose Paris because of the social proximity between the two countries. Arcady Fixon set out to forge his own destiny in France and became a French citizen. He had the idea of creating a warm and authentic place, where he could highlight the prized flavors of yesteryear, the delicacy of caviar, iconic dishes such as potatoes garnished with caviar and of course, to break the ice, the pure strength of vodka.All that remained was to set the scene, wood paneling to magnify the rare and splendid objects each brought back from Moscow or Saint Petersburg and then as a backdrop, the blue of the Caspian Sea. A nostalgia of the pre-revolutionary Russia.

Caviar Kaspia parties Caviar Kaspia parties
Caviar Kaspia caviar dinner


In 1927, the house of Caviar Kaspia was born. Two years later, it was established on the right bank of the Seine. It was there that nobles and artists from the East used to settle, with a first address near the Opera. A must for the elegant and whimsical diaspora of the time; descendants of the imperial family, artists, fashion designers, young models and ravishing muses.

Today, on Place de la Madeleine time seems to stand still in the Kaspia setting. The house has remained a family business and its current owner, Ramon Mac Crohon, intends that it should lose none of its charm. The restaurant still has its emblematic “Troika” on the wall, a precious painting by Nicolas Swertschkoff. In the display cases the antique porcelain and even the seal of Nicolas II hold their place. Caviar Kaspia stands out as the guarantor of an incredible tradition and the memory of fabulous stories. Here seems to float the soul of the Ballets Russes, princesses, painters and poets, as well as the greatest names in couture, whose label will always remain as mythical as the Parisian institution to which they were accustomed.


Today, tradition obliges and Caviar Kaspia, which regularly welcomes the greatest stars of the time, is also recognized worldwide as THE “French fashion canteen”, To its credit, its delicacies, its unique setting, its atmosphere as muffled as it is festive, and – an important quality – its discretion.

The Caviar Kaspia house has presented the launch of collaborations with renowned artists, creators and designers such as Off-White, Giambastista Valli, Carine Roitfeld or Olympia Le Tan.

The house has hosted a number of events and pop ups along with the opening of a restaurant in Dubai, followed by San Paulo, Los Angeles, along with New York and London openings before the close of 2022.


The Los Angeles location on Melrose Place will open early September 2022. This location stays true to the origins of the Caviar Kaspia while making it feel at home in LA. At the LA location you will find modern metal arches and intimate outdoor dining with a festive feel.

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